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I’ve been thinking about my thinking a lot lately. As mind-boggling as that can be most times, I’ve come to realize that the moments I learn the greatest lessons are also the moments where it feels like I’m not even really paying attention. Like I’m on autopilot and the skillset clicked-in to my unconscious just because it needed to. A flow state without the omniscient feeling.

In 2011, I was in my friend’s basement drinking some beers while he explained a relatively new buzzword at the time: blockchain cryptocurrency. He was trying to help me understand this new concept of…

how to make better choices

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“Language is used not to create thoughts but to express them, and mastery of prose does not make a great thinker.” — Alan Watts

In other words, expression follows action. Action follows thought. But between those two, lies choice. It is choice that gives us our power. A choice between which emotions to react to and which to let flow through you. A choice between which passions to hold tight and which to let go. A choice between what to say out loud and what to keep to yourself.

So in the age of social media, where everyone has an…

& how blue-light affects our thinking capacities

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Reading both genres is a necessity. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise; they’ve already put a limit on their thinking capacities. But by building upon this common knowledge, we can utilize biological responses at certain times in the day to absorb content, in order to better ‘hack’ our brains.

This is a concept I first learned from mastermind, Tim Ferriss (Tim Ferriss), but then dug in a little deeper and found some research to support this hypothesis.

Here’s the gist: read nonfiction during the daylight hours to wake up (preferably in the morning), and then read fiction just…

& helping friends move

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Gratitude is a strange and fleeting feeling. It hit me good today; enough to sit me down and scribble out this memoirish, rambly blog post that’ll never quite do the emotion true justice.

That alone tells me that there’s value in taking some time to reflect upon it. To journal in a public manner. To open my ribs and see what’s holding me together.

As I write, New Found Glory’s (Spotify) radio station is on my speaker and I’m 2 beers into a greater state of confidence. So why not share my wealth? I feel ecstatic and entirely exhausted. Fueled…

Life Lessons via the Betterism Podcast

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Approaching a full year of podcasting, I wanted to take a quick second to reflect on a few of the valuable life lessons that I’ve obtained from the eclectic guests to appear on the show.

These concepts, practices, and ideas have been shown their face several times from many of my various guests. I think that’s a sign.

Authenticity is easily recognized; even if the observer cannot express it.

Growth is inevitable; so you want to build a habit of feeding it good things.

Appreciate the little things in life; skipping over these will diminish one’s happiness.

I have found…

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“There is one reason to learn, there is but one purpose to education, and it is not to memorize the state capitals alphabetically. It’s to become a capable person of good character. That’s what we have to be teaching them. That’s what we have to monitor. That’s what we have to model.

So this excerpt came across my inbox today from an excellent newsletter called Daily Dad. And while the above quote is specifically talking about raising children, I believe it’s pertinence extends well beyond the parent/child relationship.

Education’s purpose, according to John Dewey, is not the transfer of knowledge…

Some advice every young artist should consider

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“When artists give form to revelation, their art can advance, deepen and potentially transform the consciousness of their community.” — Alex Grey

Isn’t that concept beautiful? We can change the world simply by shaping our moments to stand tall.

That’s what being an artist is all about: turning your unique perception of universe into a cosmic blip of human legacy. To share your experience in a meaningful and authentic way.

This day and age, however, there’s a dilemma that all artists face in that light. Well, a few actually; most of which are rooted in the way our era of…

the Master of Creative Storytelling

I’ve never been the guy to get wrapped up in the death of a celebrity. But this one hit me hard. MF DOOM passed away late in 2020 and my mind’s not been right since.

He’s been an influence on my musical worldview for many years and with many faces (or should I say voices?), and I wanted to take a moment to reflect back on some of the things I’ve learned from Metal Face (aka King Geedorah, aka Viktor Vaughn, aka Zev Love, et cetera, et cetera). …

A Reading Log

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The past few years, I’ve spent more effort to log the books I read in order to absorb and reflect upon their content. I find this practice to help me better assimilate the various life lessons that come from between their pages.

I recommend everyone adopt some various of this process, if at all possible.

2017 and 2018 were simple logs that I kept in a physical notebook next to my desk here. I never digitized them, though I still revisit them from time to time. Especially when conducting research for a project.

2019’s log was extraordinarily detailed and I…

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