Asking ChatGPT to Write a Poem about Dreaming

a realization

Glen Binger
5 min readMay 12


Photo by Xu Haiwei on Unsplash

can you write a poem about what it means to dream?

Dreams are the wanderings of the mind,

A place where reality is left behind.

Where anything is possible, anything can be,

Where we can be whoever we want to be.

In dreams, we soar through the skies,

We swim in oceans, no limit to our size.

We travel through time, to the past or future,

We explore the unknown, with no need for a tutor.

Dreams can be a refuge, a place to escape,

A place where our fears we can reshape.

Where we can face our demons, and conquer our doubts,

And emerge from our slumber, stronger and devout.

Dreams can be a mystery, a puzzle to solve,

A message from our psyche, a problem to resolve.

They can be a mirror, reflecting our soul,

A glimpse of our deepest desires, our ultimate goal.

In dreams, we can create, we can innovate,

We can design the world, the way we contemplate.

We can imagine, we can think, we can ideate,

We can bring to life, what we truly appreciate.

Dreams are the playground, of our imagination,

A place where we can find, our true liberation.

Where we can be ourselves, without any pretense,

Where we can dream on, with endless suspense.

can you rewrite the same poem but hone-in on the profoundness that makes us human through the lens of dreaming?

Dreams are the manifestation of our human soul,

A canvas where our deepest desires unroll.

They are the reflection of our infinite creativity,

A testament to our boundless capacity for activity.



Glen Binger